Not an original

Not n original and not an item I would endorse, but hey, it was darkly amusing to me.

A marriage license should be like a fishing license – it expires every year and if you go out of state you can get a 3 day license. If you think about it girls and fish have a lot in common. They are fun to catch and if you clean and prep them right most are good to eat. Also if you decide to mount one you know it’s going to cost you plenty! If you bring one home (no matter how well you treat them) they start going bad & fresh ones are always better. Practice CATCH and RELEASE.

No, really, it’s not original. Attributed to some guy named “Larry.”

I would never.

From a recent copy of the New Yorker Magazine?

To the editor of Playboy
December 21, 1962
Dear Sir,
I wish you hadn’t billed the debate between William Buckley and myself as a meeting between a conservative and a liberal. I don’t care if people call me a radical, a rebel, a red, a revolutionary, an outsider, an outlaw, a Bolshevik, an anarchist, a nihilist, or even a left conservative, but please don’t ever call me a liberal.
Norman Mailer

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  • ssmith04 Oct 9, 2008 @ 11:38

    I have believed for many years now that civil marriages should be made for a specific period of time–say five years–and renewable on the agreement of both parties only. The old idea that marriage was necessary for the benefit of the children is now passe; many women work, many men don’t, married or not. But a lifetime commitment? Foolish idea. Who knows what a lifetime will entail?

    As for holy matrimony, anyone idiotic enough to do it, well, their choice. Though how you can make a choice when you don’t really know what you’re choosing is something I don’t understand.

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