“Love the discipline you know, and let it support you. Entrust everything willingly to the gods and then make your way through life – no one’s master and no one’s slave.”
Marcus Aurelius Meditations (Book IV, verse 31)

10 years later:
Forti’s Mexican Elder – it was a venerable stop on my El Paso trail for years. However, with shifts in spouses and boyfriends, it fell out of favor with my hostess. However, Bubba was busy Saturday night, and in a stupor, we wound up at Forti’s – not one of his favorites. He’s not Mexican. Obviously.

We were discussing a slow fall day’s work, and I managed to get a single shot of tequila into Grace. Always loosens up her tongue. Bubba owes me now.

The food itself was as good as I remember it. After the tequila, Grace lapsed into “Mi Abuela” stories about food. From Chihuahua.

Grandmother comfort food.

For me? Despite being discovered, I still liked Forti’s – 7a.

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