Blast from the past. One should be careful about what one commits to web pages.

Road noise
It’s just a pointer to my previous predictions, but obviously (since it’s date stamped), a good piece of foresight.

I wonder, though, as I did back then, the last presidential election, what will happen. Couple of points, and the first? How many of my weeny, tree-hugging, leftist, socialist, anarchist friends claimed they would “leave the country” if Bush got re-elected. Still here? Every one of them. No one moved to Canada or France. Not a single one. Makes their threats empty and more vapid.

Sitting on a plane, next to McCain supporter, I kept waiting to hear that same claim. The difference is, my right-wing, gun-toting Republican friends? If any of them said they would leave the country if Obama got elected? Those people generally follow through on their threats.

Mexico is like the wild, wild West now, my well-armed Republican friends would do well there. Consider how it’s a really free market economy and virtually no regulation.

I’ve watched clips from the debates, and I suggest, it’s a sad state of affairs, when the comedy derived from the political process is more entertaining than the process itself. However, I am a staunch believer in the process – I can proudly say that I’ve voted in every presidential election since I was eligible to vote. Didn’t always vote well, but I’ve made fewer and fewer errors in recent years.

I was sorry to see McCain reduced to a blind rhetorical device, guilt by association, hints and subterfuge rather than directly addressing the issues. Mud-slinging of a high caliber. Bothersome, too. Scrappy little guy, though, a good Virgo. My money’s still on the Leo, though.

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