Monday’s mayhem

Who’s who:
Where real Western Wear came from?

Rumors are rampant.

I wish I said that.

Museum Pieces:
I was in Museo Alameda the other afternoon. At one point, there was some art up that didn’t do anything for me. I was going to try and work that into a horoscope but the humor and the poignancy didn’t balance. Then, too, I’m a (basically) northern european male – straight white guy. Some angry Latino art is lost on me.

However, this last trip the other afternoon? There were two installations that were just amazing. One of them was a large grid on the wall, squares, like color swatches only, the white wall was left blank. Under each color swatch was a name, like “Mother’s lipstick,” and “serendipity,” and other appellations that are less about a single hue and more about a feeling. The artist’s blurb was something about combining words and images as art. There was, to a certain extent, a kitschy feeling to the piece, but on that hot afternoon? I liked it. Brilliant work.

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