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I was just in Dallas last week. Issues, tissues, estate paperwork. Not much of an estate, my father managed to spend almost all of it, and my mother is none too happy about that. House of cards, as it were. Bless him, runs in the family. Can’t argue genetics.

There was a statue, a “gryphon,” another of the dubious awards handed out, like plaques, collected by my father over the years – with all his civic duty.

This thing was too unwieldy to even attempt to pack it in a suitcase. Or any other way. So it was a quick stop at Mom’s postal place, and then, the nice guy behind the counter, he asked what was in the box.

“Media mail, be cheapest,” he explained to my mother.

She liked the idea but I chimed in, reminding her it wasn’t media and therefore, when it got X-Rayed, she would get busted for fraud.

Save a few dollars and lie to the government? Possibly harangued for illegal mail? Or save a few dollars?

I stuck to the letter of the law, but as a writer, I take advantage of media mail. Books, CDs, manuscripts and so forth go as “media mail.” Heavyweight objects? No, I won’t cheat.

Except I’m fixing to travel some more. History and literary travel routes.

One last thing:
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  • ssmith04 Sep 16, 2008 @ 12:29

    Runs in the family, you say? Then you and I must be related, financial kin, as it were. Easy come, easy go, and there’s more where that came from. Why I’m still working, instead of retired. But it was fun in the spending, so my choice. My daughter can’t save money, either, so I guess we’re just one big clan, financially speaking.

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