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I was thinking, it’s a military term, right? Army, infantry, ground troops? I could very well be wrong, not that it would bother me. CNC, I thought, was Command and Control.

As applied to family dynamics.

I have a couple of loans that have become uncollectable. Again. I think the government should pay for these intransigent errors, right? Get Congress to enact a bill so indigent astrology authors can get paid. It’s certainly not my fault that I extended credit to someone who would clearly not be able to pay, correct?

It’s just business and failing to collect on bad debt isn’t by fault, and therefore, this uncollectible debt should be paid for with tax money.

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  • ssmith04 Sep 24, 2008 @ 7:05

    Seems eminently logical to me. After all, isn’t this the procedure currently being proposed on a national billion-dollar scale? Indigent and indignant.

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