Rode notes

Yeah, I’m a roads scholar.
travel schedule.

“All my ideas are imported; all my products are exported.”

The food.

“Mama Bear, this is Goldilocks. The chicken is in the coop.”

“Papa Bear, this is Goldilocks, the eagle has landed.”

“Grupo (something) de Chihuahua.”

“Red dog one, this is Blue leader, we have the package.”

“The hen is in the coop.”

“The Rooster has landed.”

“Weren’t you on that flight in?”

Me: “Yeah…”

“Thought so.”

At least three other flyers head straight to Chico’s.

At the El Paso airport, coming out of the security area, there was a family, casual glance, looked like two small kids, a mom and maybe an older parent. The kids held up signs, “Welcome Home Daddy!”

I didn’t see what happened, as I was pushing on to collect baggage and get my ride and work and everything.

However, yes, I got choked up and began to tear up.

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  • ssmith04 Aug 23, 2008 @ 18:15

    y’know, you’re ok with family and friends, have your guard up and all, then some complete stranger says or does something and wham-o! it hits you all over again. i understand. time eases it, but it still happens, even years later, on occasion, and i just have to let it pass….

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