There’s particular company, makes a particular product, and after some trial and error, I’ve found one of their products to be so perfect that it needs no “it would be better if.”

I’m on the company’s electronic mailing list. I get a marketing email about once every six weeks or so. I’ll click through, look at their wares, dream a little, laugh at a visual joke, or at least chuckle internally, and I won’t buy anything. Haven’t needed to buy any more labelled, branded products because one of theirs already does the trick. It’s perfect. It’s so perfect, I see no reason to ever think about making purchase like this again.

However, I always respond warmly, if not openly, to the plain market-driven mail they send. Should that product wear out, I’ve actually got two or three of them, I’d happily retire it and replace it with another. Works as advertised, looks good, wasn’t exactly cheap, but it wasn’t too bad. I’d gladly endorse the product and the company.

That email generates clicks from me. I’ll go over the website when I’m supposed to be writing a horoscope, and I’ll let my mind wander, well, let wander more than usual. Then I’ll realize I don’t need another thing, and I’ll get back to work.

I’ve thought about trying to do the email marketing thing again, but then, there’s a point where it’s too much bother. Takes too long.

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