Stolen ideas:
They got my fine print.

Art History:
Mumble mumble.

Some pop-culture is just inane.

Believe this.

One word:

Rodeo or Mexico?
Musical question. However, that’s not the link. Reuters reports the recent Salmonella outbreak – 1200 and going higher – can be traced to peppers. Jalapeno peppers. But they don’t, as the agency reports, look like Serrano peppers. Maybe they do the uninformed.

Amusing to me, as an off-beat, dark-humored note, I’ve got a buddy. When I do his chart, I always ask where he was born. He always tells me he was born in Mexico – McAllen, TX.

Okay, so some humor doesn’t translate.

In translation:
Oh this was just too funny.

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  • ssmith04 Jul 23, 2008 @ 9:20

    I found myself reading the entire tabloid. It’s all your fault.

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