Paddle faster

I hear banjo music
It was on the back of a T-shirt, some guy, a few seats in front of us. Spoke to the moment. Spoke to the whole event. Tickled my fancy, so to speak.

What would Willie do?
If I’m going to fit into a deal like this? I need a girlfriend 20 pounds heavier with a couple of bad tattoos.

Scarier: grandmothers dancing – grandmothers in short-shorts, shaking it like a professional.

Corpus Christi Harley Davidson had the best unofficial presence, saw more t-shirts from there than any other place. Consider, though, inside Bexar County, Corpus Christi is a tropical vacation destination.

Paddle faster
I hear banjo music
Daisy dukes and cowboy boots, I mean, well, I like living in place where this perfectly acceptable attire.

Skunk weed, that unmistakable aroma of Arkansas Polio Weed. Folks sitting next to us, made noises about wanting to smoke. Left for a little while. Came back more mellow. However, wasn’t just them, I’m sure it was everywhere. There was that unmistakable aroma of skunk wafting in on the evening’s breeze.

“Are you from Midland?” Again, I was wearing an Odessa Jackalope’s hat (farm league bush ice hockey in the Permian Basin). I just nodded, “no,” and let it slide Too hard to explain that I work out there from time to time, and I’m not in the oil business. Oily? Maybe. Oil business? Sorry, no.

In the concession line, in front of us, group ordered “Nachos and beer.” Cost? $44. I had water and nachos. And a $4 pretzel. Salt, keep hydrated. Not like it was really an issue.

From our seats, a freak weather pattern blew rain across the area. I could look out, where the setting sun should be and there were heavy clouds, low and ponderous, swinging slowly like the grandmother in short-shorts and her, oh never mind. That’s just the wrong age to wear a halter top. Behind the stage, rain lit up the evening’s sky.

Paddle faster
I hear banjo music
David Allen Coe is DAC, and not much has changed. Los Lonely Boys rocked hard, as expected. What was most impressive was Ray Price staging and back up, all in jeans white shirts. That was 12 or more on stage, about half that was the string section. Ray Price still has his voice, or so it sounded.

Merle Haggard’s band opened and closed with “Okie from Muskogee” overture, although, he never did the song. I’m unsure of anyone getting the irony there, especially after looking over the Willie murch. (“Murch” = merchandise.) Lot of implied hemp and farm jokes therein.

Ray and Merle. Both singers did San Antonio Rose. Both had a certain level of class, Merle’s band tended to sound jazz infused whereas Ray Price was totally Western (swing).

Willie Nelson, in fact, the whole show, it’s not like I haven’t seen any of these acts before, on stage in Austin or Ft. Worth. However, it was my first official “Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic,” and where they got the picnic from? I don’t know. Notes are kind of spartan because we were relieved of all pens at the front gate. No pens. Don’t know why.

Willie? He’s still playing music with his friends.

Paddle faster
I hear banjo music

Single image. That’s a – I’m guessing – 30 feet or more wide Texas Flag as a backdrop.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant.
— kramer wetzel
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