Agents and Emo

Mercurial ideas:

I looked, it’s been about a month or more since I’ve sent any query letters. I deleted the last fifty or so names and addresses. I’m guessing that’s about 60, maybe 65 letters that I’ve sent so far. The quest for a literary agent goes onward.

I’m getting the next round of query letters ready to batch out. I’m padding them with left-over flyers, and I’m sure the agents that I’ll query know how to recycle. However, I’m also hoping one or two might want more. I’ll wait to drop any of this in the mail until Mercury is well out of its way, though.

I just have to ask, haven’t we seen The Cure already?

Not Emo Reverie:
It’s been two years since I was last overseas, and I was digging through my fine selection of tea, looking for something to fix. I found an unopened box of Fortnum & Mason’s Peppermint Tea. No caffeine, excellent flavor, trademark packaging, good, good stuff. Means I’ve had that for at least two years. In the cupboard that long. The tea and the tea bags, still as strong as ever. However, it wasn’t until I packing for this trip that I thought about opening that tea. Don’t use it until I can replace it. That’s weird.