St. George’s Day

One of the (insipid) inspirations for Bexar County Line (dot com) was that simple badge. It’s – I think – a relic from either Hemisphere or Texas Sesquicentennial – or who knows what else? Not like San Antonio needs an excuse to party.

I was re-introduced to SA via (mystery) meat on a stick. Any excuse to fry, BBQ or grill something meat-like and stick it on the end of stick. Maybe with onions and peppers. Excellent Tex-Mex cuisine, too (although they call “mexican” – it’s really Tex-Mex).

Which has nothing to do with the Orthodox Church, the Holy Roman Empire, St. George, dragons – or anything else. Never said I had destination. Just observation.

The badges in the sidewalk inspired me. I figured a series would be in order, only, as I’ve discovered, the images get a little boring after a while. I still find it the most remarkable logo, though. And the texture, the settings, the different orientations, some with blue, some all scrubbed out, every once in awhile, a missing badge? That and I think they would make great belt buckles. Just the legal issue. Think folks in SA would notice?

Actually, in San Antonio? No one really cares that much.

“The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’
(Henry V, Act III, scene i)

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