Old Riverwalk Hibiscus

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Old Riverwalk Hibiscus


  • […] Riverwalk, and best guess would be the newer Museum Reach section. Last summer? Summer before?Time runs together.The colors, hue, saturation, contrast and edges are tweaked. Really, I was just playing […]

  • […] Libra: Maybe a half-dozen years ago, I’m not sure, there was perfect alignment in my astrology chart. Maybe the then girlfriend was nice, maybe it was fresh romance, maybe it was just spring time in Texas. I recall the exact location, a field south of the river in Austin, almost next to the freeway. A place I used to walk past with alarming frequency. It’s a portion of Austin’s Hike and Bike Trail. I leaned down with a cheap, digital camera and snapped a couple of shots of a field of Bluebonnets. Inadvertently, I got a couple of stunning close-up shots of Bluebonnets, the State’s flower. I did so by holding the camera mere inches from a flower. […]

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