Harem for sale


Ready to go, a complete male fantasy, just add, well, that’s how I wound up with these three Barbie Dolls ™ in the first place. Or collection of three, as one is a Teresa, but to me, she looks just like Barbie. See picture for details. The story is, I had this one girlfriend, and she gave me these three dolls as a joke, “Here, your own harem, a blonde, a brunette and redhead.” Pretty in Plaid Barbie, Hawaii Barbie and Hawaii Teresa (friend of Barbie). Why is the brunette always stuck with the plaid? Is there a message in the dolls? These dolls have never been out of their boxes; however, it’s only fair to point out that the boxes themselves do have minor scuffing. Like getting evicted from a trailer park in south Austin, but never mind that now. For real: these dolls sat in the “relationship” corner of my place for years. Fang Sway in a South Austin trailer park. Actually worked, after a fashion. Never mind the details about that. I don’t know how collectible, how to verify authenticity, provenance, or anything about these other than they appear to be the real deal, still in the boxes that they were supposedly sold in. There are no warranties expressed or implied. While every effort will be made to insure that dolls arrive just like they left here, buyer is encouraged to procure additional insurance. Shipping and handling, unless otherwise stated, is a flat fee of $4.60 USPS, with delivery confirmation and handling an additional $1 for total of $5.60 – unless other arrangements are made, buyer to incur the cost of shipping and handling. The background voodoo on these specific three? Left them in the aforementioned relationship corner and they worked like magic. That Fang Suey might be real. Your mileage may vary, see dealer for details, all other notices are in the fine print.


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