Time Capsules

Apple notes? Sure, whatever. I picked up a Time Capsule the other day. It was from a collection of gift certificates, so it’s not like I was spending any money, but I thought it was a good idea. New wireless base station, back-up hard drive, everything in one spot.

I tend to read a couple of reviews before making such a purchase. I’d call it research, but it’s less research when I just pop the term into a search engine and filter the answers to get more – or less – unbiased points. Looked like it was three to one on ease of setup, execution and integration into an established home network. For every three or four that said it was a quick, easy task, one person would lament the difficult nature of Apple, tech support, and arcane configuration commands.

“Manuals? We don’t read no stinkin’ user manuals!”

“I don’t got to show you no stinkin’ badges!” I believe, is the exact quote from the movie.

I was forced to glance at the manual a couple of times because there was a non-recurring anomaly type situation that I was unable to duplicate. Seemed like every time I turned off the light, the power to the base station was interrupted. Took more than a day to sort out the problems, almost embarrassing, too. It wasn’t the hardware or the software, just the extension cord with an on/off switch.

I’ve been running the (some Apple software name) that let’s the OS automatically backup the drive to a distant location, been at this for a while. The only problem, once the power source issue was dealt with, once that was done, the first backup took close to a day. Good thing I was away that weekend.

Political Allegory:
Or political suicide, one of them, I’m not sure. A couple of years ago, there was a miserable race for governor of Texas. Carol Keaton Ryalnder Staryhorn something or other, was running as “One tough grandmother.” Gov. Perry was running as himself, some Democratic guy flushed out a field with humorist, novelist, and singer/songwriter, Kinky Freidman bringing up the rear. Me, along with about 10% of the voting public, tried to elect the Jewish Cowboy. Which, if you look at the results, was a far better choice than Perry or the grandmother. I can think of many grandmothers that are better than Kinky, but not that one.

How short is our memory? As the comptroller, she closed, as in shut down, Austin’s legendary venue, Antone’s. And she was in front of the TV cameras, on a Saturday night, getting face time as being the tough cookie who closed the place. Yeah, she didn’t show up at any other closings, just when there was sure to be press.

Perry passed a law about cervical cancer shots, and that created a media storm, too. Especially when his staff was employed by the drug company. Of course, this was after he was elected.

As goes Texas? So goes the country?

In the final count for that election, it wasn’t so much that Perry (Republican) won, it’s more that the other three split the dissenting votes. Too bad there wasn’t a unified front. Kinky was still the best choice, but not too many people see that.

What’s the lesson, the allegory? Look at what’s up ahead. I just wish that Kinky would run for President. However, my prediction still stands.

Eternal question, Why we write?

Wait, I collected that material in book form: Two Meat Tuesday.

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  • ssmith04 Mar 28, 2008 @ 22:11

    I liked Two Meat Tuesday. Kind of like on-demand Kramer wit and wisdom and worldly observations. Or out-of-this-world, take your pick.

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