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While I find the video version much more appealing, the weekly audio file, just ripped from the video, the podcast, the whatever you-want-to-call-it thing? Good stuff.

Fished Tuesday morning. Up at 5, out to a secret location near Austin, well within the Austin City Limits, really, and I’d call it a secret spot, but seems that many folks have found it. I’d give it away if I posted the picture of the bait house.


I wore shorts because it was supposed to be a warm day. And it was, after fashion, the sun was mostly out, and I labored to follow my own advice, given in the aforementioned weekly missive. I slathered on sun screen like it was important.

Not that it matters, but we were throwing spinner baits against the reeds, fighting a wind, and I was freezing my ass off. Once we stopped and dove into a cove, out of the wind, it was warm enough to shed to the outer layers. But back on the main body of the lake? Cold. Buddy caught a bunch of fish, as I am good luck. I didn’t fare as well, but there was one, deserved a picture. In the nascent beard I was working on? I’d like to think it was hoary frost.


Actually? Sun screen.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
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