I was toying with production ideas for next week’s video (paid subscribers get a pay-per-view for free), the rest of the folks get the podcast sans images. Anyway, I was working on an idea for the production since I was going to be at the lake. I was thinking about doing a silent version. Not quiet, silent. Then, back in the office, I would record over the silence with the audio version – as it will be an exciting week. If you have a password, you can see it here and if you’re a cheap slacker, you can always just listen.

The idea, and that’s not what I did, but the idea was to have about three, maybe five minutes, however long, of me, staring at the camera while my voice was going over, explaining whatever message I wanted included. Whatever it was, I just wanted to drop that in, over a muted face.

Mercury is retrograde. Can’t fix that. It’s a normal part of the planetary cycles. Work within the patterns, not against them. Like that image of me, muted, and yet, my voice coming through. I thought it was a fetching image.

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