Must remember: Mercury

Only one at a time. Better than Sandy’s.


“Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end…”

There’s a sadness with what’s happening. Mercury was, indeed, backwards in a fixed air sign (Aquarius). Therein is the problem. There was a huge flare of problems, and some folks would suggest that it was Mercury, the Moon, or some planet’s alignment.

I stopped at the bank the other afternoon. I had small amount of cash to deposit, and I stepped up to the ATM with my bank card – then pulled out the paltry sum. I looked up at the screen for the ATM: out of service. I just pulled open the doors to the bank and stepped inside. No big deal. I grabbed a deposit form from the customer service island then stood in line. I was in line for six or seven minutes, and while I could be filling out the deposit form, I didn’t have my account number, so the rest was useless. I fondled the cash, getting ready to let it go so I could pay a bill. Or rather, so a check I already wrote won’t bounce.

But that’s not what this was about, it was about standing in line, then handing my card and cash over to a teller who was wearing a “Welcome to Las Vegas” shirt. Small conversation about such a decision on my part. I left with a receipt in hand. Proof that the money made it into the account, and the transaction, which was scheduled for 20 seconds at an outside ATM, took about 20 minutes instead.

I’m an astrologer, I know all about “Mercury Retrograde” and related pitfalls. The recent uptick in abhorrent violent crime is an example. The same influence that worked on me, and broke that ATM, worked on the poor souls who snapped. There’s the position of Saturn – in Virgo – relative to Uranus – in Pisces – and those two aren’t exactly getting along. There’s a very different energy associated with the two planets.

Then, too, there’s the eclipse pattern, based on the cycle of the moon. The effects, though, are similar. There’s a foreboding and sense of futility, a hopelessness, and the “trapped like a cornered rat” feeling. Hence the increase in violent solutions to problems.

While I was at the bank, a manager walked over to one teller cage and had a short, clipped discussion about issues. The bank manager had a stack of bills like I’ve never seen in real life. I could’ve cornered the manager, demanded excellence in customer service, and raised holy hell about waiting in line. Holy hell about the broken ATM, the wait, the lines, the traffic, the way humans are cruel to reach other, and how it’s bad to be the only white guy in a largely hispanic neighborhood, and so on. Doubt I’d made much of an impact. A construction guy stood in line behind me for a few minutes, talked on his phone in Spanish then English.

I’d say it was a construction trades person from the condition of his jeans and boots. Could be the size of his arms, too. He stood in line, got disgusted, left, returned a few moments later and stood in line, further back.

The guy muttered, but I didn’t see any concealed weapons so I wasn’t fearful. However, that’s exactly how this sort of event can take place.

It’s all about how we – as humans – deal with the cosmic golf game played by the planets. Some days?

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