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Perchance it’s due to my delicate condition these days. Perchance it’s a quirk of the moon’s location. Maybe it’s caused by whatever is killing all the bats, but the movie “Definitely, Maybe” was okay by me. In a chick-flick way, of course. I mean, it was almost good. Political overtones, as the main character and narrator, the main adult character, was another beleaguered post-modern male, afflicted with girlfriend/wife/lover woes. And had a kid. The kid, the little girl, she’s a damn fine actress in her own right.

“Definitely, Maybe,” Chick flick warning: that’s what this is billed as, but then, as a guy, you know, it has its moments. All those lovers? Guy was doing all right. There was a literary theme to the way the story was told. That’s what I liked, the frame its self.

“Fools Gold,” I mean, I liked the improbable plot and story. Love that history stuff, and it was like Indian Jones “lite.” Romantic comedy. As a bonus, Donald Sutherland was, like, he was like himself. Only not.

The BBC, in partnership with a number of other sources, has, at one time or another undertaken to produce, film and show all of Shakespeare’s works. A jewel among the collection is a version of “Taming of the Shrew” with none other than John Cleese as Petruchio. That’s the guy who tames the shrew. Another one from that set is Helen Mirren as Titania in “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.” Better, though, is some actor – didn’t catch his name – but the guy playing Puck. Great stuff.

Still, does it get any better than the classic chase chase scene?

“27 Dresses,” and with this, it looks like I’m seeing a lot of chick flicks. Which it is. However, it was a better film than most. matter of opinion, but I liked it better than the other chick flick, which had “guy” overtones, whereas this was straight up story. Well-told, although, it was a little predictable. Like guys, we aren’t?

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