Strike out

I get to hit the superstore, typically (preferably) a Costco, about once a month these days. Useful for buying groceries by the pallet, as one friend would note. Have to be careful, though, not every deal is a good deal, and I have to shop wisely. Be nice to be at a point where “shopping wisely” wasn’t a big deal, but it is. Be fun to be a miserly type who had the money but chose to spend it wisely.

They have a long aisle, the entertainment section is sort of how I see it, filled with goodies like movie, audio CDs, books, bibles, and stationary. Office supplies: a secret vice. But this isn’t about office supplies by (buy) the pallet, this about writers’ rights. I suppose I’m too out of touch, but I’ve noticed that there are whole TV series, “The 2nd year,” the “every episode from the 4th year,” and so on, whole series I never knew existed. Available on DVD. With artwork and collector’s tin. I can’t think of a single series, other than, maybe, the Simpsons, that would be worth the dollars and the shelf space. Can’t think of anything I’d like to have on hand.

As I understand it, if it’s a movie? Writer’s contract includes some portion of the sale. But a TV series? Yeah, all those DVDs? Not included. Hence the disparity.


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