Seattle, part dos

“Prayer of the Athenians:
‘Zeus, rain down, rain down
On the land and fields of Athens.’
Either no prayers at all – or one as straightforward as that.”
Marcus Aurelius: Meditations, Book V, Verse 7

I tend to find solace in reading through the old Roman’s words, and what’s nice, it’s copyright free, close to 2,000 years old, and yet, rings true now.

Provincial differences amuse me. I made a comment to the lady handling my cash at REI (World Headquarters), and how I didn’t want a plastic bag. I’ve long lamented that those plastic bags – so common in commerce – are 50% Middle East Oil (in composition) – and nearly 100% not so biodegradable.

“Oh no, we don’t use those plastic bags here,” I would expect not, darling, but I just bit my tongue, the irony wasn’t apparent yet, “and enjoy the rest of the sunny day.”

100% chance of rain, and they call it sunny?

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