Time to rewrite the biography. Or make it truly an autobiography.


Since you missed the lesson, here it is again: the (condensed) talk.

Movie Review:
I wrote a lot of movie reviews working for the paper. So after seeing the press preview for A Feast of Love, which in all honesty, should be called, “A fest of naked Ta-tas,” then, on Sunday morning, catch an early matinee of “Chuck is Luck,” or something, I think I’ve got a new genre: chick flick with enough gratuitous bare cleavage to satisfy some guys. Chick flick with tits. Implies bare breasts shaking, jiggling, and otherwise exposed in such a manner so as to titillate, entice, and other than the pure prurient exposure, those naked breasts? While interesting? Yeah, still, just a predictable chick flick.

Guy meets girl, girl doesn’t fall for guy, then, they eventually live happily ever after. I skipped some parts that had nothing to do with anything.

Best part of the film is an obnoxious sidekick who must be channeling the late, great Sam Kinison. Not so much a good role model, but at least there’s a nod to the past masters.

Chick flick with tits – the new handle.


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