Two-Meat Tuesday

I wrote about it in a horoscope, but it’s a recurring metaphor, one worthy of mentioning, especially since it is the Tuesday special. On any given Tuesday, I’ll promise, either the pork ribs or the brisket will done to perfection. One or the other. Pork ribs will be crispy on the outside, with that special, 18-hour glaze that only time and a good man (Taurus) at the pit can turn, and the brisket will be a little dry, needing BBQ sauce to make up for the lack of moisture or flavor. Perhaps the ribs will be more like “pork rib jerky” but the brisket will moist, meaty, tender, and even better with no BBQ sauce – one or the other will be that good. Both? Just not a usual event. Not bad, but one or the other can be, will be transcendental. On any given Tuesday.

One coffee shop offered a free pass to the new movie, Feast of Love, set in a not-so-fictional Portland, OR, and set in, I’m assuming, a fictional coffee shop called “Jitters.” Snicker.

I didn’t get a press kit, and I’m too lazy to look the it up on the web, but it has a bunch of famous stars, a lot of naked breasts, a little fuzzy sex, and a messed up parent. It’s all about love. The Tarot Card reader scene was eerily accurate since there was a proper amount of cheese.

The only warning is this is a chick flick. Or is that really a warning? In the opening scenes, Act I or Act II, one character is introduced then his background is given as “Pisces with a Virgo Rising.” I wouldn’t have pegged that guy for a Pisces, but it wasn’t my call. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie, albeit, chick flick.

The movie’s official site.

The real Pisces is probably the central protagonist, played by Greg (Bradley), but that could be my own interpretation.

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