The life I want

I think it’s all here.

I want to go – I want to ride it again.

Output per worker.

I gave my alternative website, to a client. The address, anyway. So far, it’s just a photo-blog. Basically, an image a day from within the Bexar County Line.

What was so odd, to me, the person was wholly uninterested in her own, home town. Bored. Unhappy. Didn’t want to be within the confines of Bexar County itself. I like for its varied, variegated, varicose tapestry woven from the disparate threads of lifestyles – a cornucopia of cultures. Excellent Tex-Mex, too.

And coffee that will smoke Austin any day.

An alternative, there was a person – another reader – I worked alongside for years. In each town, she would tell us that she was moving to that town soon. Midland, Lubbock, Corpus Christi, and the list goes on, or the road goes on forever….

While I can see inherent beauty in such places, other than Corpus Christi and its coastal bend environs, I couldn’t really see living there. Great place to visit, though.

My list of habitable places in the world, for me? Ft. Worth: close enough to Dallas and the DFW airport, far enough away from Dallas and its big-city attitude, yeah, that’s doable. World-class art museums, too, and a plethora of other fine arts orientation. As well as kicker music. Winter’s in Ft. Worth are too cold, though.

El Paso is oddly habitable, too. Although, there’s a serious drawback with the fishing thing there. Not sure there’s much to catch in the Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo, depending on naming conventions. The El Paso food has to be some of the finest in the world, old Mexico blended with “new” Mexico, against the (west) Texas tapestry.

Marfa (Alpine/Ft. Davis) is equally appealing due, in part, to the mysterious lights, but mostly for a world-class, post-modernist art installation. But cold winters and that fishing thing, again, nice but not nice enough. Although, the springs at Balmorhea is oddly comforting – in the summer.

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