I’ve been working on a new project, been at it for while, and as Saturn pops on into Virgo, it’s been a little bit of a challenge. The odd coincidence, first the long article about the author of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, B. Traven, then, while I paused in “the smallest room in the house,” reading an old New Yorker magazine, I came across a typically New Yorker long article, in-depth material, about UT’s Library & and its collection. The third part is only obliquely related, the recent revelations about Arthur Miller’s child.

It’s all about process. What drives us, what motivates, what pushes that inward clock’s spring forward, one more time. The coincidence was three different articles, but especially that in-depth look at the special collections at UT’s library. There were notes and research from several well-known and much-studied authors.

The author of the article was also digging into the library’s archives for notes, little insights into authors’ lives and thought processes. Which is about process.

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