On my photo site, Bexar CountyLine, there are a several images of sidewalks.

I’ll entertain any naming convention for the various images. A category or title.

What originally prompted the sidewalk shots was a single medallion, left over from some city-wide celebration. Over the years, and the many pedestrian treks through SA resulted in a collection of those medallions as images. Brings to mind though, do the natives realize what’s underfoot? Sometimes, it’s the most quotidian.

Nice to see:
> Thank you for ordering a proof copy of “Pink Cake,” Book.
> This is to notify you your order has been shipped
> and you will soon receive it.

When I clicked through on this story it was nice not to see Houston or San Antonio at the top of the list. But computers do funny things – the ad when I clicked through? The banner ad was for a dollar meal value at an international chain – not noted for its low-fat content.


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