Two-meat Tuesday

Inside Joke:

But is that like an Inside Straight?


Not an inside joke:
Roswell (again).

Appalling Customer Service:
The last time I was in an Apple store – La Cantera in tony suburban San Antonio – I dropped off a laptop with a dead hard drive. The tech took it in, ran a quick diagnostic, and he suggested (Gemini lad with a visible Gemini tattoo) that it would be fixed, under the extended warranty, in matter of days. Polite, succinct, to the point, and knowledgeable. Didn’t make me feel like a cretin.

I like my Apple iPhone, too. I’m happy with sales, service, coverage, rate plan, &c. However, AT & T leaves much to be desired. Tuesday noon, between 12:06 PM and 12:09 PM, I got 19 e-mail messages from AT&T/Cingular, letting me know that I was a valued customer, and I could check my minutes and whatever else online, just log into my account.

If a girl called me 19 times in three minutes, I’d suggest it was a psychotic stalker with a serious mental disorder. Like this week’s Scorpio.

The call, I recorded it, was no use. The first ten minutes is phone tree and hold time, and the last couple of minutes is some third-tier tech support guy, the only good part of the conversation was that he was a native English speaker, and there was no mirth at the psycho-stalker girlfriend comment, and there was no reason why it happened.

Lie to me, make up a good story, improvise, assure it won’t ever happen again.

Anything. Otherwise, AT&T, you suck.

I take that back, the phone service and coverage has been fine so far. But your tech-support sucks.

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