Last of Leo

I’m an astrologer – it’s what I do. So I tend to divide the year into 12, 30 degree wide time increments because that makes a lot more sense than this arbitrary “month” designation that doesn’t really help me. And Leo is coming to a tumultuous close. Looks like about five degrees of Leo left. As the oracle said.

Spurred by TFG’s words, the question is, what do you want your fake wiki article to say? Have to admit, I admire his idea of himself as a luchadore. Wrestling’s real, you know.

What would I start to put in the wiki? Why not use the online bio for starters.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)

For years, off an on, maybe twenty years or more, I’ve maintained a database of quotes. Sometimes, someone else says it in such a succinct manner, I see no reason to improve upon the original.

The quotes are derived from numerous sources, pop culture, literature, classics, magazine and newspapers. The only medium missing is modern TV. There are several quotes about the validity of astrology, and some material if drawn from copyrighted work. Have to excise that.


And from the “I told you so” department:
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