Two-meat Tuesday

What’s odd, to me, not that stress causes fat, but that it’s taken science this long to figure out the connection.

What we fish for.

Current (astrology) trends:
Mercury is still retrograde and will be for the duration of the week. More or less. And after a fashion, I know that it is still backwards. Usual complications apply. I worked late into the evening, toiling away with the weekly video. Got a rough cut I was, at least, not dissatisfied with, and I dropped it into, what I thought, was the proper web format. I tend to leave the software settings where they are, after I’ve worked out the kinks.

I was working on another project, though, and I must’ve really messed up my web page settings. Suddenly, the web-media video file was three times its original size. When I clicked through to check it Monday, it just sort of hung there, in the middle of the screen, not doing much but grinding away.

It’s all fixed now. Might’ve found a short cut, too. Alas, it won’t play on one of those mobile devices. But a regular computer with a fat connection shouldn’t have a problem. Only took about three tries to correct the original mistake.

Inadvertent Science Project:

(cure for the common horoscope)

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