I’ve used a variety of website tracking programs, the latest is Google’s. The problem being, I ran Alexa a few days earlier.

The numbers don’t add up. Not even close.

The hosting provider has a built-in program, and I’ve found, over the years and over the various hosting providers, that the on-board facts, what the raw server log files depict, that tends to be closer to the truth. Much better than any outside agent.

Then again, spending too much time looking at numbers is bad for one’s mental health.

I think it was Alexa, it showed that 57% was UK-based traffic. While that’s very cool, I tend to think that Google’s 90% US-w/Alaska, and some UK traffic is more to the point.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)

The last time I checked, the other afternoon, I was seeing what seemed a little more realistic numbers from Google: most near half the hits to the website are from someone putting the address into the address on a browser, or from a bookmark. Less than ten percent is from search engine, and and what looks like half is from horoscope referral sites.

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