Summer Solstice

And the iPhone.

This is it:
Hot, one-on-one furniture action! Caught wild! Like, office chairs gone wild!

I believe:
In magic? Or does that ruin the trick? The fact that it’s called a “trick” is the first clue.

Click psychology. I was looking at a product, an item advertised on one site, then I clicked through on the ad to the second site, the home page for the company that sells just one product, what was advertised, and I looked. Interesting concept, that one product, I wonder how much does it costs?

No visible price. I clicked for more information, no price. I clicked deeper, third or fourth attempt, but still, no price. I was sold. I wanted one. It was what I needed! Perfect toy, for me. Well, not so much, as I live rather like a monk, but it was a nice idea, and perhaps, it was a product that I could, indeed, use. I wasn’t sure. I clicked one more time, trying to get more information, seems that shipping and tax was included. But at what price? No mention of price.

To find out how much it cost, I finally had to click on the image of a shopping cart, add one of the items, and then, proceed to the first step of the check process, all of that, before I could find out the dollar amount.

The price was prohibitive. Maybe a nice item, but I spent less than a third of that – I got a perfectly serviceable solution. I’ll watch, maybe, one day, it’ll go on sale. I estimate the street value to be about third of the asking price.

What tickled me, since Mercury is backward, but on a normal day, what would’ve ticked me off? All that clicking to get to a price. That’s a problem. I think it’s a sales trick. But isn’t there some kind of study that shows, if you get them (user/customer) that far into the process, the buyer just buys, what, 10% of the time?

I’d suggest that the marketing team would claim that the conversion factor was really much higher than it really was. That far to find out the price? I didn’t care, way over-priced toy, to begin with. I don’t think one should have to work that hard to find a price.

No question:
Well, no question about the price.

Viva Zapatos!
(Might have that wrong)

“Prefiero morir de pie…
Que vivair de rodillas…”
(I prefer to die on my feet than to live on my knees)
Emiliano Zapata [1879-1919]

Viva Zapata! (the movie), although, as a rebel leader, the real history might be more interesting. Or not.

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