I suppose, that should read “Pirates!” (to properly catch and frame the enthusiasm, huh.)

Saw Pirate Part III, the final in the series, and in as much as I enjoy Johnny Depp’s character, I’m kind of done with the ships and the supernatural. It was a fun ride, but we’re done now, okay?

In curious astrology take, and I’m not sure it’s really been done, I have the main star as a Gemini, and in his psychosis, he keeps seeing more of himself. Fitting for a Gemini.

Random X:
Over-worked cartoon.

For writers.

Who should I call?
Memory games.

Random action.

What can I say?
The title grabbed my attention.

Try it. See what happens. A day w/o google. Academic challenge, really.

So that’s what they mean. “Let’s touch base next week.” Huh.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
(cure for the common horoscope)
Bexar County Line

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