I – phones et al

Perfect companion.

The first rep wasn’t much help but the second person was a big help. Can’t get the iPhone until the allotted time, and even then?

“Only Sci-fi nuts and geeks will be buying it that soon. I’ll get one when it’s a not such a hassle.”

“Man, this is like being in line for Stars Wars.”

Best review thus far.

Very cool operator.

From various reports, I figure I can pick my own ring tone. 30 second clip. I was thinking, at first, “I want to be sedated” (Ramones), or “Miami Vice” (Jan Hammer) or an original Twilight Zone audio clip (TV’s Greatest Hits). But I settled for an appropriate ZZ Top number. So if it takes a little longer to answer, I’m just rocking out.

Selling out:
Part number whatever – they didn’t offer me any money, but then, I’m not an A-list.

I’m more like background noise.

Not selling out:
While I May be background noise, this hit a point, about how most aspects of modern life in under constant scrutiny.

Under no circumstances.

UK Notes:
The Beeb is considerably more sensational than other sources.

(the only file photo I liked)

UK notes 2:
Why, it’s no secret, I’m loving the British.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)

(cure for the common horoscope)

Bexar County Line

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