Two-Meat Tuesday redux

Designed to mess with his brain:
While I’m thinking about it, a little Hank III (7 months thirty nine days, Pills I took, Buy Pa a truck), the Band of Heathens’ “Odysseus,” Kevin Fowler’s “Don’t touch my willie” and “Fat Bottom Girls,” Derailer’s “Raspberry Beret,” what am I missing? Misfit’s – that would work. Ride of the Valkryies, and then? I’ve got to poke through the collections. Grateful Dead’s “El Paso,” Gourd’s “El Paso” and “Gin’n’Juice.” “Riders in the Sky,” Marty Robbin’s “El Paso.” This is destined to be the best mess with their heads music set yet. Armin Van Burn. Autochere (?) y Pendulum?

Just like home:
McDonald’s, in downtown Seattle. Finally heard something that reminded me of home. Spanish. The dominant second language at home is Spanish. Or English, depending on the neighborhood. Missed it a little, there was a Hispanic room waiter one afternoon, but other than that, it wasn’t until breakfast McDonald’s – heard some Spanish, The dominant second is, according to various source, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Depends.

Sunday night, it was just the cousins, and we over-stayed our time in a seafood restaurant. Fresh salmon, alder-smoked. Really good stuff.

Getting kicked at closing time? Priceless.

Rerun for the Aquarius

No Idling! That Means You!
Fish Worship – a good idea.



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