Road mix

The (North) Austin version.

Curra’s (up north)

Tried to hit Trudy’s for breakfast and that failed, Austin has its weird hours and I was wandering way far north. Curra’s – up north – has been several different places. I’ve been in one town too long when I repeat certain comments like, “I remember when this was Denny’s then Good Eats and finally, it’s a Curra’s but the southside Curra’s has a better rep…”

New menu item, proffered by the Aries waiter, an avocado green sauce that was, indeed, suitably hot with the fresh corn tortillas hot off the gaqs-fired comal.

Still it is a bit hoity-toity for me. Northern climes, all about the haute cuisine. I just like it hot.

I own you:
The title is a TV name thing. Sort of. Bumper sticker, maybe, a logo. The real amusement, to me, when listing TV shows like that? I can’t recall the plot, the outcome, or anything that happened on any of them. Except a little bit of post-modern sadness. The old “new wave” way of seeing it.

As the song goes, “Now that’s alternative.”

Odd clips:
Sunken treasures.

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