I didn’t dine at the Cattleman’s in San Angelo. I was just amused by the specifics in the dress code.

But I did eat at Zentner’s Steak House. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the food, the secret is the “Steak Tenders” which are (cooked to order) bits of tenderloin, very lightly seasoned, served with a fries or baked potato, the usual salad. Good stuff.

Web Royalties:
The way this works doesn’t really affect me. I use “roll your own” music from royalty-free clips and samples. I’m careful like that.

The Pisces (girl):
I was looking over her blog, and it wasn’t so much the entry itself, but the image at the top – and it wasn’t so much her or the NASCAR driver she was stalking, it was the merch. “Merchandise,” shortened to the term “merch.” Or maybe it should be spelled “murch.”

The last road trip was only marginally successful as a straight-up business venture. Not that it matters to me. Liked the steak, and best of all, the guy Aries guy running the show? He brings a whole, new level of professionalism to way a show is put on.

It’s diverse, he manages to draw on larger and more eclectic combination of elements, and it doesn’t just depend on one selling point. But then, looking at my little card table with nothing but a tablecloth, my laptop and printer, basically, that’s all, I’ve got a long way to go. All I sell is time. No t-shirts, no baubles, no quick “impulse” buy items.

As such, there’s a certain purity to what I do, as I’m distracted by other forms of support, but therein is the problem, too. Which is why that picture interested me. There’s a whole sub-strata of commerce that’s dedicated to supporting the racer, in this case, or the musician, in another example, where the ancillary sales in my different avenues are what makes the difference.

Murch. Gotta get me some.

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