Ticket number? 2406121 “Dave”
You know, they fixed it. But it had to be escalated. That’s not good. Tech’s should have the power to fix stuff.

Another sale:

Kazanlar Tarot

Visually rich, marked with Tree of Life, Hebrew, Egyptian and various other arcane symbols, a Persian kind of artwork, the standard (78 cards) Tarot deck with two additional cards. As an anomaly, the Fool is #22 (shown). Original price was 15.95 in British Pounds, it is an A. G. Muller (made in Switzerland) Tarot Deck. It’s called the Kazanlar Tarot. Low miles, but alas, as always no warranty on parts and labor.

See the details here.

It’s a sign:

But not that kind of a sign.

Or not a sign.


How’s that lyric go?

”But that’s how it goes”

Q & A:


There is a tide in the affairs of men

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune

Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and miseries

>Source and meaning?

That was the question. Quick answer, I was thinking it was from Troilus and Cressida. Don’t know why, just thought that was the source. Sounded like a Ulysses speech or something. However, that’s not the source, I should’ve known this one off the top of my head, it’s Julius Caesar. Brutus. And the position in the play, the exhortations to armed rebellion?

You do the math. Context.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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