That went a little too smoothly

I make a concerted effort to live with as few regrets as possible. However, as I was walking along the river, I saw a little flower floating there. I reached for a camera, but all I had was the phone’s camera. Which really just kind of trashed the image. Not really, but in the afternoon sun, it was, the flower’s color wasn’t faded and washed out. The river’s water was more vibrant, everything just looked better. Some days, a picture just won’t do.

Floating flower

Anyway, the obvious change here went without much of hitch. It’s not really an upgrade, or a downgrade, but Mercury is retrograde. So this is a side-grade. I found that the old CMS software (pMachine then the upgraded paid-for Expression Engine) had trashed one of my very favorite entries, from less than a year ago. So I worked with the WordPress stuff, and eventually, I coaxed most of the old blog’s content out into a usable form, imported it into WordPress blog on the back side of another site I maintain, set it all up, broke it, toyed with it, messed around with it all, and finally got it working. More or less.

“That was a little too easy,” I was telling myself. The actual installation took less than a minute. I’d be worried.

WordPress is free with the account, if it trashes an older entry, I can rant, rave and scream, and when there’s a problem I can call up tech support and get a live person to fix what I can’t fix myself. But this migration has taken me the better part of the last two weeks get ready for the one-minute hot-swap. Besides, it’s not new, it’s just sidestep.

While I’m not tremendously enamored of the WordPress system, it seems to fit my needs much better. I just want something that works, and frankly, after seeing an entry with a #1 Google spot? After that entry got chewed up by the old software? Time to get something more robust.

Which left me trying to corral 2K image files, which, as there were duplicates, was only about 1,100 images, and of that, all but about 40 made the transition to the old archives.

Lost most of the links, and I’ll fix what I can, but I refuse to worry about any of it. I think I’ll leave the old blog stuff, right where it was.

Next up for sale
This is a weird set of Tarot cards. I’m unsure of how they came into my possession, although, I’d wager, I picked them overseas. There’s a price tag on the box, 11.95 (pounds, Sterling). Includes a name of the store, in London (UK). Near Covent Garden, if you have to know.

The title on the box is “Los Tarots de los Duendes,” and it’s an Italian set of tarot cards. I can’t make out what it says because I don’t speak Italian. Which reminds me of a funny story about an Italian coffee girl in London, but never mind that now.

This deck has been opened, and the cards might’ve been handled by me, but that’s about it. Looks like a complete deck, almost new in box, and oddly enough, there is no manual that goes with this set. Those crazy Italian printers! The usual information booklet is just printed on a couple of the cards, as extra cards in the deck.

One of those cards bears the imprint: “I TAROCCHI DEGLI GNOMI.”

Right, like I know what that means.

The eBay listing is here.

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