The English rock collection.
The details? Looks like they uncovered more details.

“The archaeologists found many half-eaten joints of barbecued meat, indicating that great feasts were held.”

Mmm, dried beef. Beef jerky?

Pink Cake:

Part of the Kramer Collection.

Pink Cake Sign

And, in the event it’s just not clear, why my images aren’t on any of the sharing sites, like Flicker. More like, “flick this.”

More lists:

Mispelled words.

Out of my mind:

There’s a song, by the band who does the backgrounds for a lot of TV serials. As opposed to TV cereals, and that’s another story.

“Out of my mind on the 5:15,” is the lyric. Song title, too. Who? The Who.

Only, for me? It’s more like out of my mind on the 5:25. It’s not Quadrophenia, either, not for me. I was just booking travel for upcoming events, got to buy that stuff when it’s cheap. Leave on the 5:25, get back on the 5:25, out of my mind on the 5:25?


Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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