Hate to bring it up, but I got to wondering about a local situation, the Texas State Capitol, just down the street, the big, pink dome. I’m sure there’s salacious reference in that concept.
To be perfectly clear, I’m no fan - at all - of the current governor - in the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t like him on any number of grounds, from party affiliation to personality to hair, name it, and I’m not a fan. Never voted for him, and I don’t want to ever fish with him, either.

The raw story is that the politician accepted a donation from the company that makes the vaccine - shortly before mandating the vaccine.

Two points, really $5K is cheap. I do recall when an Austin City Council member could be had a few hundred dollars, but that’s different. A state governor? That’s cheap. Cheap at twice the price.

But that’s not really the big issue. Let’s say we’ve got a product and we need to get the information out about this product. What better way to let everyone, across the board in the state, matter of of fact, in the US, than to make a political stink? Doesn’t that buy more press than any number of full-page ads in the daily paper? This is getting ink and noise and attention, from all areas.

Can’t buy advertising like that. Huh.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
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(And I’m not getting anywhere near the ethical and moral issue of the vaccine itself.)

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