Winter storm warnings

Coming back from an early breakfast, Monday morning, the clouds were just rolling down the western flank of the southern tail of the Franklin Mountains. Looked like a cloud was spilling over the edge of a large bowl.

Winter weather, it’s actually a part of Texas history, but the winter weather happens once every two or three years, on average. My memories might not be that scientific, either, just the way I recall the patterns.

The Texas History part?

Santa Ana, the cold and cruel dictator from the south marched up through the south Texas plains, leaving Mexico, like in December of ’35, and in February of ’36? He and his army hit up to six inches of snow before they got to San Antonio de Bexar (a.k.a., “The” Alamo).

186 valiant Texans defended the Alamo, and the rest is history. Houston kicked Santa Ana’s forces on the plains outside of Houston, and in doing so, saved the world for democracy and the American way. California, more than anyone else, owes us.

The first assault on the Alamo was slowed by a freak weather system, like the one we just had, with its freezing rain, snow, and ice.

It’s historical. And I’m not. Me? Weather this cold? Near freezing temperatures? I’m not going anywhere. I just hope the electricity keeps the internet tubes warm enough to work. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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