Up on the big screen

That’s a big change, and certainly adds a different point of view.
My father, nominally Pa Wetzel, made an executive decisions and purchased me a large monitor for the little laptop I tote everywhere. Nice gesture, but a 23-inch cinema display screen is almost overkill. Almost. I’m getting to where I like it just fine, now. Been with me for less than a day, but I’m seeing as how this could change my life.

Or, at least, how I look at things.

It’s a bigger change than I thought. I can get up close and personal with a number of images that I just had to trust were okay - in the past. Now I can really see items up close. As much as I would hate to photo-shop out details, there’s one bio-picture where I’ve got single nose hair hanging out. Only visible at a gajillion by a gazillion pixel resolution, but there you have it, plain as day.

Have to fix that. There was a moment of panic, too, as the cable wasn’t seated properly and it caused a momentary electrical confusion with an inability to see the computer’s desktop.

But a second trip to the parts store was averted, and I eventually plugged it all back together and got it to work - without - I might add - calling tech support. I’m good like that. I did, in a moment of shame and anguish, did glance through the instructions. But I only just peeked, you know, to look at the pictures. I didn’t, like, read anything.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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