Two-Meat Tuesday

Name of the book, name of the series, name of the Tuesday special at one BBQ place. More than one, really.
North by North:

Coffee news and then some. I’ve been much distracted lately. Tuesday morning, cold and dreary, I huddled up and tried a new blend of coffee. I think the nickel-bag of coffee was called “Black Diamond” and it’s allegedly a “quad” as in roasted four times. French Roast is twice, Italian roast is three times, and I don’t know, I’ve always referred to it as Spanish Roast, but this stuff is supposed to be that way.

I’m not much of a coffee geek, but every once in a while, my roots show. I must conclude, after the first couple of cups, the black diamond stuff seems to be pretty tasty. Strong like the French Roast, but a little smoother. And obviuously, I can use smoother these days.


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