It’s all a process of discovery.

Which, I suppose, shouldn’t be linked to the legal term, “discovery.” Of which I know very little. I just have to participate in enough readings that I get to learn about this process whether I like it or not. Which I don’t, but I do like my process of discovery.

I was toiling along, working on a horoscope, and I encountered a new situation, I was certainly amused. Some patterns repeat themselves, after a few years, it’s really easy to recycle horoscopes. While certain tropes show up more than once, I don’t think I’ve had any repeats.

Voyage of discovery. That was fun.

Dual points:

East Texas and the new Apple phone.


Load and go, it’s off to the airport, then up to New Mexico for a day or so. Then certainly, another place of myth and mythology, often the target of songs and stories: El Paso.

Inbound mail:
>Subject: Latest video
>Date:January 9, 2007 4:56:47 AM CST
>congratulations on a stunning, seamless conceptual shift in
>your work.
>particularly liked the silent segment
>in between.

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