Prediction Panel

“Kramer, we really need you.” It’s not a Siren’s call, either. Just a Scorpio, trying to get enough warm bodies to sit in on a start of the year prediction panel. Part and parcel of what I do for a living.
The odd bit, as I’ll have to speak for 15 minutes, I can make a lot of the predictions in my sleep. The notes I’ll work from? Start right here. (Cheap shot, that was the intro to week after Xmas.)

The prediction panel is tonight, see the website listing for details.

Guaranteed predictions:

Cowboys (Dallas)

(Although, I’d love to pick the Houston Texans, instead, but the vote goes to the Pokes.)

Spurs (San Antonio)

Spurs, we’ve got two favorite teams, The Spurs and whoever is playing Dallas.

Finally, The Longhorns.

Think I would pick any other sports teams? And it’s a safe bet that I cast a chart for each of those predictions, Yeah, that’s a safe bet. No emotional attachment here. (Okay, I’ll turn off the irony now.)

I tend to work with individuals, not global events. As it is written in the stars, I try and translate that to the individual. But how it works out from person to person? That varies. So other than picking those teams, I wouldn’t really make big predictions.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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