Pass in review

Piss in your shoe?

The term is a marching/close order drill term. Not that I can remember how to walk in step with anyone, and the only cadence I can call is too lewd to remember. But like those little items that get rooted in our subconscious, that term haunts me every year at this time. A time to pause and reflect.
Mac goodies/

Year in my pictures.

Sleep with fishes.

I don’t have any resolutions, not for the new year. I’ve wished upon so many stars and had dreams shattered so many times, I kind of gave up on the idea. And the moon is almost full, or will be, to exacerbate the matter.

I was sucking on a Topo Chico, and I watched all the fireworks. From a safe distance.

I’m an astrologer, really the new year begins at the Spring Equinox - it’s only logical.

I woke up from a dream state, the Texas sky clear and clean on Monday morning. I was thinking about just one resolution.

Maybe not so much of a resolution as an image to start the year. Right or wrong. I kept thinking about a certain cat and a certain sliding glass door. The cat would hit the glass, knowing full well that the glass was blocking egress to birds on the patio. The glass wall was there. That cat would still run and bump, if not to catch the birds, then, at the very least, to scare them off her patio.

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