Dateline: El Paso, TX

More dining tips? Chico’s Tacos.
It’s place, chain, in all actuality, that has legendary taco plates. Chico’s is a dining experience like no other. Or maybe it is.

We walk in got an order of tacos, which wold be “double taco, double order, double cheese,” and this is a fairly straightforward ordering process, and then I grabbed a key to use the restroom. Outside. “for customers only, ask inside for a key,” kind of thing.

On the way out the door, I watched as a rather heavy-set individual tilted the little paper serving dish up, and drink/poured the content, down the hatch.

I thought it was an isolated scene. Drinking the grease, as it were.

Through the plate glass window as I was headed towards the head, I looked in and another person was tilting the little paper boat to drain the contents.

Finally, on my way back, I noticed it again, a third time. Mental note, drinking grease. Must be good salsa. Or sauce. Some kind of magic elixir. Sure enough.

I fetched up the taco plates from the counter, sat back down. Six beef flautas were floating in a soup, looked the color of a home-made salsa. Or good pico, probably shared some of the ingredients.

The first couple of tacos, or taquitos, or flautas, really, were crunchy, a corn tortilla rolled around some beef and fried. Deep-fried. Crispy. Like a flauta, I believe is the original culinary term.

Since it was double order, there were three tacos in the bottom covered in the thin broth, and then, there were three on top. The tops ones were increasingly soggy, originally crisp, but soaking up fast. By the time I got around to the bottom tacos, they were mushy. Still delightful, and reasonably priced, too.

Double order, double cheese. Way to go. When I got done with my taco plate, I looked around and then upended the small paper dish, drinking the magic elixir.


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