Two-Meat Tuesday

El Paso, TX: I was hanging out in the garage, Monday morning. I had thought cross my mind, and I found it worthy of note. Seems that scenery, it reminded me of something, a scene from the opening credits to a popular cartoon series. Not that popular of a series, but a good show. The opening scene for “King of the Hill.”

Grace’s husband, Bubba, he was drinking a Mountain Dew. The neighbor wandered from across the street, gripping a cup of coffee, and then the guys were discussing the other neighbor’s back. Which had gone out, and Grace, being who she is, obviously knows a better healthcare provider (massage therapist) to deal with the pain.

But it all goes back to that cartoon, and guys, just being guys, hanging around in the garage - just like that cartoon.

Life lessons:

And coffins.

Life Lessons, II:

Another Kinky blurb. Entertainment value in politics? Heck, Texas politics has always been like that.

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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