Odd road bits

Franklin Mountains. Tail end of the real Rockies.

Organ Mountains, too, that’s another name. Supposedly, I’m sure, because they look like organ pies. Bit of a stretch.

Beware of rattlesnakes:

I pulled the truck over, to stop and stretch my legs because I was running a few minutes early. The NM State rest area and tourist welcome center promised free internet access. I never did pick up a wireless signal, but the warning signs tickled my fancy. In the middle of the America Desert. Cactus everywhere. Do we need warning signs about potentially aggressive local residents?

Another weird synchronistic point: as I pulled off the highway, a truck was looming behind me, the brand name? Freightliner. Color? White. (Musical reference.)

Billy the Kid.

Utterly unconnected:
That creek.

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