Is it possible to get Duran Duran, which leads to the band’s namesake, Barbarella, then work in a Shakespeare reference?

“Now the hunrgy lion roars,
And the wolf behowls the moon;
Whilst the weary ploughman snores,
All with weary task fordone.”
Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (V.ii.2-5)

Maybe not so much. But worth a try.

Vote Kinky:

Good piece, and I’ll concede the point that Kinky doesn’t known much about public policy. But then again, neither do most the current crop of professional politicians. Like the current governor, or the “one tough grandma” (doesn’t anyone remember her efforts to grab headline news? Bitch.)

Vote Kinky:

Nicely put talking points.

Most damaged?

Intriguing quote. Bless those spin doctors.

Unrelated question:

What is exfoliate?

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